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2017年4月10日 廣津留すみれ

April. This month has a special meaning to me as a Japanese – since Japanese school year starts in April, not in September, all of the exciting events in my childhood were coming to me at once during this season. New classmates, friends, homeroom teacher, school, and – most importantly – my favorite cherry blossoms in full bloom. My memory of April is filled with inspiration and excitement, and I still feel the same when I get messages from my friends in Japan talking about their new jobs and new colleagues with the photos of cherry blossoms.

As April is a great point of the year to start something new, I decided to write a blog. I made this website around a year ago just to update my concert schedule and recordings, but I now realize that this website has more potential to convey those and my daily life in my words to the readers. I will try to update this page around 6-7pm EST (7-8am Japan time) every day – let’s see how long I can keep up with the schedule! See you tomorrow!
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Sumire Hirotsuru
April 9th, 2017