Summer is Here in NYC | 夏到来

English follows Japanese!






Outside the Metropolitan Opera Theater

The temperature went 76°F today in NYC – the summer has come, even before experiencing nice spring! I did a project meeting outside the school at Lincoln Center, facing a beautiful fountain and the Metropolitan Opera building.

Lincoln Center is one of my favorite places in NYC, where all the art lovers, students and local people get together. Once the whether gets better, many people gather and just relax sitting outside the David Geffen Hall (where I performed in December!), chatting and working on their own things.

Today I had a rehearsal with my quartet – British composer Benjamin Britten’s String Quartet No.2 and German composer Schubert’s Death and the Maiden for our audition and a performance in May. At college, it was so natural for students to go to dining halls or classrooms to get together and mingle – but at graduate school (or at least at Juilliard), you need to make an effort to make friends. What I love about my quartet is that we hang out outside the classroom A LOT, going to Korean town, bars, and performing in Columbia University campus. And tonight, we are getting oysters together so we sound better together 🙂

Have a good evening!