World Trade Center | ワールドトレードセンターの今


あれから約16年、ワールドトレードセンターは建て直され、メモリアルパークが建てられ、今では観光地となっています。昨日たまたまWorld Trade Center駅を使う用事があったのですが、駅が入っている建物(ショッピングモール)が宇宙船のようでとても近代的でした。


跡地には芸術施設(World Trade Center Performing Arts Center)の建設予定がありますが、なかなか資金が集まらず延期を重ねてきました。昨年カーネギーホールの元会長Ronald Perelmanが巨額の寄付($75M, およそ60億円)をしたおかげでプロジェクトがやっと動き出し、完成予定は2020年だそうです。本当に完成するのか心配なところはありますが、NYの新たなコンサートホールがどのようなものになるか、楽しみです。



Westfield World Trade Center (WTC Station)

September 11th, 2011 – I, an elementary school student at that time, woke up in bed at night in Japan with the sound of frantic CNN breaking news on TV. It was impossible to believe what was happening on the screen, and just hoped it was an extended dream.

16 years later – I’m living in NYC, and I was able to go to the site for the first time. The tall buildings were rebuilt, and the area with the memorial and a spaceship-looking shopping mall have become a touristic site. The government is planning to build a new performance center at the site –which has been put off many times because of the lack of budget– but with $75M donation by chairman of Carnegie Hall Ronald Perelman, the plan is moving forward again with the goal of finishing the building in 2020.

I was remembering the day of the incident at the site, and just thinking about the profound imprint it had left on people’s memories.