Easter Weekend | イースターの週末とハイライン

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建築家ザハ・ハディド(Zaha Hadid)によるビル

それに関連して、2つめの面白いポイントは、ハイライン沿いの建造物です。東京オリンピックのスタジアム案で話題になった建築家ザハ・ハディドによる奇妙な形をしたビルや、プライバシーがないんじゃないか?!と思ってしまうほど至近距離にあるプール付きの高級レジデンス、さらには1年間の学費が$50,000(約550万円)の新しい小学校「Avenues School」など、自分とは違う世界を見たような気がしました。



Happy Easter!

During this Easter weekend, I visited High Line – a relatively new public park in Manhattan built in 2009. It is a 1.45-mile-long linear park transformed from New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line.

IMG_3271What I enjoyed the most at the park was the juxtaposition of the old and the new. Colorful flowers and plants were growing in the cracks of old pavement, and modern art installations were everywhere, whereas the the railroad and the Meat Packing District look very old-fashioned.

Modern-looking buildings along High Line

Another thing I loved about the site were the buildings along High Line. There were many buildings with modern design (one by Zaha Hadid shown in a picture above was pretty cool) , including office buildings and expensive residences (which looked like they had no privacy since the buildings were so close to High Line, where hundreds of tourists walk through and take pictures, but yes, the residences with private pools and BBQ looked really nice). There was even a K12 school called “Avenues School” whose yearly tuition is $50,000 – it was interesting to see all different buildings.

On the way back, I went to Chelsea Market and saw cute Easter bunnies and colorful eggs. Hope you are having a great day today!

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