Sight-reading Party | 室内楽パーティ

English follows Japanese!

予告通り、イースター当日の昨夜はジュリアードの友人宅でホームパーティでした。Sight-reading Partyといい、みんなが今までに演奏したことない曲の楽譜を持ち寄って、バイオリン2人・ヴィオラ・チェロの合計4人のカルテットで演奏し合うものです。






My Juilliard friend invited me to her apartment for a fun sight-reading/dinner party last night. More than fifteen musicians got together in one room, and we enjoyed food & wine, played music together, and had fun talking and dancing.

Music goes on and on all night, with different performers

Sight-reading parties become really fun and intense at the same time; since usually we bring music that we have never played (as we did last night), some pieces with a very fast tempo or complicated melodies get confusing.

Those pieces become a mess sometimes and we burst into laughter in the middle of the piece, which I think is the best part of sight-reading sessions. And of course as a musician, I always enjoy playing different music with different people because it is very interactive when it comes to chamber music – how others play changes the way I play.

The food my friends prepared for the party was delicious, the music was amazing (my favorite last night was Debussy’s String Quartet), talks with new and old friends were fun – I had the best Easter night thanks to my friends! 🙂