Boba and podcast | ポッドキャストとタピオカさえあれば

English follows Japanese!







If you are like me and feel like you need to exercise more, find your favorite boba place and favorite podcast station. Problem solved. Here is my reasoning:

My apartment is located around 20 mins away from school by subway. On the way back home from school yesterday, I was craving for boba – so I went to this boba shop called Coco on the 72nd st., grabbed taro milk tea with half boba half lychee jelly. Instead of getting on a train, I figured I would rather walk under the great weather with tasty boba until I finish drinking.

After 15 minutes of walking, I threw away my empty cup, and thought I should probably continue walking since I haven’t really discovered the area past 86th st. Okay, I’ll get on a train at 96th street. I continued walking.

At the 96th street, I found my favorite bakery Paris Baguette – which I didn’t know was located there. Excited, I bought some buns and concluded that I should keep walking because I might find something more interesting.

As I was walking, I turned on a random podcast channel I found on Japanese top chart. (Un)fortunately, this podcast channel was so funny that I couldn’t stop listening. Ok, I’ll walk until this program ends. I continued walking without knowing that this was 45-minute long.

Eventually, I got home after more than an hour of walking, feeling healthy, excited, and refreshed. I wouldn’t have done this without help of a cup of boba and this podcast channel but I’m so grateful for them for opening up an opportunity to explore this wonderful diverse city of New York.

So yea, find your favorite boba place and podcast station and go for a walk!