Every Day Routine | 毎朝の日課

English follows Japanese!


  1. アラームを止めにいく
  2. その足で窓のブラインドを開けて朝の光を入れる
  3. 机に用意してあるコップ一杯の水を飲む
  4. シャワーをあびる





Do you have your morning routine? Mine is super simple:

  1.  Stop the alarm on the desk
  2.  Open the blind next to the desk
  3.  Drink a cup of water on the desk (prepared the night before)
  4.  Take a shower

This simple routine wakes me up and freshens up my mind. As I get off the subway, I usually go to the cafe across the street from my school and get coffee. When I have time to sit down, I start drafting my blog or work on an ongoing project (I’m writing this blog here at the cafe, eating my favorite noodle salad).

I love having an every-day routine and a go-to cafe, as I don’t have to think about anything when I want to just wake myself up or focus on my work.

Oh, another thing about having a favorite cafe – you will find something new every time you go there. I’ve just found out that I can get free refills of coffee here! ❤