Traveling Tips|移動時間のすごし方

English follows Japanese! (写真は今回使ったグランドセントラル駅です)







Time really does fly, when you are having fun.

My weekend trip to Boston was full of catch-ups, happy reunions and inspirations. I talked and talked to my friends/alumni at Harvard –– it was amazing to hear how they are doing well, and to hear their future plans. I am so grateful that I decided to visit Boston this weekend.

I always get the same question when I travel; “how do you spend 12-hour flights to Japan or 4-hour train ride to Boston?”

– I just sleep.

Yes, the whole time – of course I can’t really sleep for 12 hours straight, but usually I skip one meal when I’m on 12-hour flight.

How? Well, it’s simple: I work hard till late night (sometimes I pull a light all-nighter) the day before the travel and get myself tired and sleepy on the flight/train. And I work (or, play) hard at the end of the travel so that I can sleep and have a dream of fun memories of the travel on the way back.

It is not hard to overcome long travel hours – especially at the end of travel when you want to make the most of your time there. Try it next time you travel 🙂