Something missing in NYC | ボストンにあってニューヨークにないもの

English follows Japanese!






The morning of the last day of my Boston trip was the first time I realized there was something missing in NYC.

Really? I thought the city had everything you could dream of.

That’s not quite true – what is missing from this center city of the world is peaceful morning.

Every morning I wake up to the sound of trains passing. Ambulance rushing to an accident scene. Undergoing construction site. There is not a moment in the morning when I can appreciate silence; the city makes me constantly work while I’m awake.

But this changed completely when I was in Boston/Cambridge. I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. Trees swinging in breeze. I was able to afford some time to walk down the street and enjoy the nice smell of the city.

I love living in the city – Tokyo and New York have the same kind of vibe and I really love it. Sometimes, though, when I go outside of the city, I realize how I take my busy surroundings for granted. And I tell myself, to take a deep breath and not to forget to have a moment of peace even in this hectic but charming city where I live.