A Typical Day at Juilliard | よくある1日

English follows Japanese!



10じ 学校に到着。

11じ 理論の授業。

13じ 食堂・カフェでともだちとランチ。

14じ HBSのケースを使ったリーダーシップの授業。

16じ 室内楽のリハーサル。オーディションに向けて真剣に練習中・・・!

18じ 1日を振り返ってブログの更新♩

19じ 練習などなどなど。。



Introducing my typical day at Juilliard as a first year masters student!

10am Arrive at school, get some work done at a cafe with morning coffee

11am Theory class (taught by a professor who also went to Harvard/Juilliard…!)

1pm   Lunch at the cafeteria (usually with my quartet mates 🙂 )

2pm   A class called Leadership and Innovation, using HBS case studies (I recommend it – I enjoyed the materials we used in this class)

4pm   Chamber Rehearsal with my quartet, preparing for an audition now!

6pm   Update my blog (#1 priority.)

7pm   Go home and practice, get dinner, go to the bar with friends, etc etc etc….

I usually allot more practice time in the days leading up to my lessons and performances. As a masters student, I get more flexibility on my schedule, which has made me better at prioritizing my work and practice over the course of the semester. And that’s what I like about my life here!