End-of-the-year-Jury (is done)! | 学年末の実技試験

English follows Japanese!






Done! Done with the juryyy!

I was a little bit worried about this jury since I spent past two weekends in Boston without a lot of practicing – but it was not bad!

The cover photo of this post features myself practicing in the empty dance studio at 9am right before my morning jury. It’s one of my favorite practice places since it’s spacious, echo-y (which could be good or bad, because you could play poorly and still sound good…), and has a big window where bright sunlight comes in 🙂

When I was playing in front of 5 faculty members lined up on a long desk in the orchestra studio, I saw some of them writing down something on a sheet. “They might be writing some critical comments on my playing…” I wondered, but I was relieved when I finished playing and my teacher smiled at me.

Then I told myself, “Well done Sumire, you are almost done with your first year masters!”

Yay, now it’s time to party. (kidding.) (not kidding.)