Ginger Tea | 生姜湯のすすめ

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My cold always comes from sore throat. It comes once in two months or so, and I always carry my favorite cough drops to calm myself down from consistent cough…

BUT my quartet-mate made a life-saver drink for me, which is

Ginger tea!

It’s actually not even a tea, just hot water with ginger in it, but it works so well especially when you have it with honey & lemon. It’s amazing because 1) the spiciness makes your throat feel better, 2) ginger warms you up, 3) you just need to put cut ginger and water into a pot and boil them, and 4) you can leave the ginger in the pot and keep adding water until the spiciness goes away (which takes for a day or two, depends on how often you drink it).

I knew that ginger works well for cold but I had never tried it – and I’m glad now I did try! As the temperature changes so often these days, I recommend boiling some ginger as you scroll Facebook on your phone at home – it takes literally only five minutes, and it works amazingly to prevent you from getting a cold 🙂