Central Heating | ニューヨークの暖房事情

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When I first experienced New-England winter at Harvard, I just could not accept how cold it was. Literally, it was too cold to live.

Then I asked my roommate, “How can you live normally in this temperature?!”

She replied to me, “Inside the building is always warm so it’s okay. Just wear layers.”

Then I realized – wait, it is true that inside the school is warmer than any buildings in my hometown in Japan. Everyone is wearing a thick down jacket outside, but I see people wearing “I took CS50.” T-shirt inside throughout the year.

And I learned about how central heating system works, since it doesn’t really exist in Japan. Yes, it’s convenient that the building naturally warms your room up before you come into the room. But you can’t control the temperature? Hmm. Questionable.

After living in the East Coast for almost five years, I am so used to the system and I even complain to my parents that my house in my hometown (Southern part of Japan, which is significantly warmer than Boston or New York) is “too cold.” Haha I like central heating system! Yay America.

Then this weird weather comes in this year – it went up to 85F last month, and now it goes down to 48F at night in May. Somehow central heating in my apartment stopped working after the memorable 85F degree day (yes, I wrote an article titled “Summer is here in NYC“), and I’m sleeping in a freezing cold room every night.

Sigh. I miss Japanese air conditioners where I have control over any weather.