Breaking: New Juilliard President Announced! (and about him) | 号外:ジュリアードの新学長発表!

Hi from Peter Jay Sharp Theater at Juilliard! They have just announced that Damian Woetzel, a former New York City Ballet dancer, will become the president of the school starting in 2018. Right before the announcement, I got on the same elevator as President Pollisi introducing Damian Woetzel to the members of the Juilliard Quartet, and I was feeling the vibe that he would be announced as the next president – I already got so excited there, but I was glad to officially witness the announcement live. I am literally super excited, and here is why:

linecamera_shareimageWhen I first saw him was at the award ceremony at Harvard ARTS FIRST Festival in 2015, when he, a MPA degree holder from Harvard Kennedy School, received the Harvard Arts Medal. He talked about his experiences at New York City Ballet, Aspen Institute and at Kennedy School at the conversation with the founder of festival, John Lithgow.

Then at the 25th Anniversary Gala Concert at Harvard ARTS FIRST Festival this year, instead of performing the whole piece, he taught one sequence from “Serenade” to the audience that filled Sanders Theater. It was such a memorable moment from the night; every single person in the venue, including President Faust, was performing the same choreograph at the same time on the music, and appreciated the power of the arts together. It was purely beautiful.

Looking at his creativity, inclusiveness, and his advocacy in the arts, I am excited to see what he will add to the Juilliard community in the future, and cannot wait to see what new Juilliard under him will be like.


新学長はDamien Woetzel という元ニューヨークシティバレエのダンサー。アスペンインスティチュートやハーバードのケネディスクールでも学んだ、知的で大変クリエイティブな49歳。

実はこの発表直前にエレベーターで現学長と新学長と一緒になったのですが、これで直接彼を見るのは3度目。1、2度目は共にハーバードでの ARTS FIRST Festival でした。ハーバード・ケネディスクールで修士課程を取得している彼は2015年にハーバードから芸術賞を受賞しており、先週末に行ったガラコンサートでは聴衆を巻き込んで素晴らしい演技を披露してくれました。