Thank you for the fantastic year! | 今年度のまとめとお礼。







残り1年の学生生活もとっても楽しみなプロジェクトがたくさんあります!特に、私の弦楽カルテットがHonors Chamber Music Programというジュリアードの室内楽の選抜グループに選ばれたので、ニューヨークで演奏する機会が増えそうです。

さらに、この夏は今年で5周年となるSummer in JAPANを、大分と岡山両県で開催します。多くの日本の学生さんに会えるのを楽しみにしております!


2017.05.16   廣津留すみれ


Chamber music concert last night marked the end of the first year of my journey at The Juilliard School.

Looking back, I was trying hard to get used to the school life in NYC, surrounded by students who already knew how music school life works.

Although it was sometimes tough to balance music and other projects I work on, I survived the first year of masters degree, while achieving a lot of personal objectives on my violin performance. I was very happy about how much individual care we get from teachers and the staff members at school.

I am really thankful to everyone who supported me throughout the year; especially the members of my quartet, my mentor at school, my violin teacher, my chamber coach, and my family.

Next year will also be an exciting year with a lot of projects including performances for Honors Chamber Music Program, Gluck Community Service Fellowship, and my graduation recital.

I’m very looking forward to more journeys to come for the second and the last year at Juilliard – but first of all, it’s time to celebrate the end of year!

With much love,