One morning in Brooklyn | ブルックリンの朝

English follows Japanese!


Great view at the waterfront / 最高の眺め!飛行機雲が2つ☆



10am. I was in Brooklyn this morning, taking a break from noisy Manhattan. Even though I have lived in New York for 9 months now, this was my third time visiting Brooklyn. Being adventurous, I took a walk for two hours in Williamsburg area.

The atmosphere was very different from Manhattan – with startups and coffee shops built in old factories and warehouses, graffiti on walls, fashionable people with coffee cups and music instruments, and quieter streets. I absolutely loved it.

So blue.

The waterfront was especially nice. I was looking at the river for 10 minutes without doing anything but looking at the waves flowing.

If you haven’t explored the area, I highly recommend that you visit there – I hope I could explore more too, and write in future blog posts!