Unmasking the Meat Bun | 肉まんの正体

English follows Japanese!











When I came home yesterday, I found a delicious-looking steamed meat bun in the fridge. Wow, this looks like a tasty meat bun that is sold in convenience stores in Japan. I wondered where my roommate got it, so I asked last night:

“Where did you get your meat bun? Japanese market or something?”

“Hmm? What are you talking about?”

“Hahaha you cannot hide from me. I saw a meat bun in the fridge!”

“No I’m sure I don’t have anything like that.”


“Oh, do you mean the half-cut onion?”

Wait, actually I saw an onion left in the kitchen that was half used two days ago… We literally laughed so hard, and it was the end of my little excitement towards the bun.

I would like to still think that it was definitely a meat bun when I saw it; probably it transformed into an onion in the fridge at one point. I will try opening the fridge one more time tomorrow morning – and hopefully it will transform into a delicious Japanese red-bean bun this time 🙂