Duo Performances with 8-string Guitar!| 今週末はデュオコンサート

English follows Japanese!




さて今週末は新しいプロジェクトがスタートします。8弦ギターという、普通のギターよりも弦が多く、複雑でレアなギターを弾くギタリストのJoseph Eurenphreis くんと初デュオ!ということで、まずはちいさなお店でディナーショーをふたつ。どうなるか楽しみです!

5月27日(土) 20:30- Round K Cafe

5月28日(日) 20:00- Silvana



Today was the Class Day at Harvard – I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I performed the class day ode on stage. Congratulations, class of 2017!!!!!

I’m launching a new project (concert series) this weekend with Joseph Eurenphreis, a 8-string guitar (Brahms guitar) player from Denver.

This is our first time performing together so we are starting at small venues but we will see how this goes! Super excited 🙂

Sumire Hirotsuru, violin and Joseph Eurenphreis, eight string guitar

Saturday, May 27th 8:30pm-  Round K Cafe (with soju cocktails!)

Sunday, May 28th 8pm-  Silvana

Hope to see you there!

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