Coffee beans | コーヒー豆

English follows Japanese!






The coffee I had during the semester was mostly from a cafe across from Juilliard. They have a free refil and great atmosphere – it was my go-to work place.

Now that the year is over, my life is slightly changed by coffee; I grind coffee beans every day now!

There are good coffee beans and a grinder at my workplace now, and it has become my morning ritual to make a cup of coffee.

The best moment is when you open the lid of the grinder after smashing all the beans —the best smell comes out of the grinder, and as I pour hot water into a filter, the scented steam comes out… mm, so good.

I didn’t know it’s this easy to make good coffee till now, but I might have to get a coffee grinder at home after experiencing this for two months (only if I could manage to make coffee in the morning before going to school)… I’ll see. ☕️


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