Hi from Amtrak Quiet Car|NYの車窓から

English follows Japanese!


ただいまボストン行きの車内ですが、そこそこ快適、テーブルもついていて足元も広く、言うことなし。さらにQuiet Carという、おしゃべりや携帯電話禁止の車両にいるので、ぐっすり眠れそうです。






Japan has amazing trains called Shinkansen. Max speed is 320km/h and the inside is very clean and comfortable. There’s a wagon that goes around the car to sell lunch and dinner like rice balls, bento box, bottled tea, etc… my experiences on Shinkansen were very pleasant.

There’s no Shinkansen in the U.S., but the train I’m on at this moment, Amtrak, is pretty fast and comfortable. I enjoy the view and it’s a painless ride to Boston.

However, I have to complain about one thing; the announcement of the platform. Why do they not know which platforms the trains are coming? Why do people have to wait in front of the screen and rush to the platform at the moment they appear on screen (which is literally five minutes before the departure time)? It’s so stressful!!!

Okay, that’s it from me. I’m on a pleasant quiet car and the businessman next to me is very nice so I have nothing to complain besides that.

I’m going to have very exciting performances in Boston tomorrow and the day after, but I’ll talk about it later in the blog 🙂

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