UNICEF Gala Dinner | ユニセフのガラディナーイベント

English follows Japanese!


昨夜はUNICEFのChildren’s Champion Award Dinnerというガライベントで、シルクロードアンサンブルと一緒に演奏してきました。アンサンブルの創始者でハーバードの大先輩、ヨーヨーマとレッドカーペット(ならぬ、ブルーカーペット)を歩き、素敵なディナーを楽しんで、何百人ものお客さんの前で演奏し、アンサンブルの皆とお話し、最高の夜でした♩




Last night was UNICEF Children’s Championship Award dinner, honoring the award recipient Yo-Yo Ma. I had an incredible honor to perform on stage with the Silk Road Ensemble as a tribute to Yo-Yo, the founder of the ensemble.

Walking on the red carpet (except it was blue carpet because UNICEF), wonderful dinner, performances in front of hundreds of people, and conversations with the performers – I had an amazing time.

The surprising part was a live auction during the dinner. I had never been to one before, so I was amazed to see how many hands were raised to support UNICEF through buying Red Sox and Super Bowl premier tickets, trip to African countries to see UNICEF staff, mosquito tents to avoid malaria, etc… I was really impressed by the scene.

As I got many thoughts on this event, I would like to write a detailed event report sometime soon.

I am performing at the Harvard Art Museums tonight again with the ensemble. It is an honor to come back to a place where I performed for its opening ceremony, and I am quite excited!

Okay, time to get changed 🙂

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