What’s the Next Stop? | 次の駅どこだっけ病

English follows Japanese!


マンハッタンのLower East Side(マンハッタンの南東側)に行きたい所があったので、まず東側にあるブルックリンから西に川を越えマンハッタンにわたり、電車を一度乗り換えてさらに南東方向に向かい、最寄駅から歩こうと思った矢先。






疲れたので、例のBoba Guysで一番おいしいタピオカ抹茶ラテを飲みながら帰りました。帰りは乗り過ごしませんでした。おしまい。

On my way home from Brooklyn today.

I firstly got on a L train from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to midtown in Manhattan, then changed to another line to get down and head east to Lower East Side to go to a place that I had to go to.

My destination is just 4-minute walk from the nearest station, phew, how easy would that be. After changing the train, I was texting my friend non-stop.

Then suddenly, a big river came into my view. Wait, there is no river inside Manhattan…! It was too late to notice, and yes, I was going back to Brooklyn somehow.

After crossing the road to get on an train to the opposite direction, waiting for a train and sitting for 7 minutes (firstly I think it’s wrong that there is no stop between 7-min distance on a local line, but whatever.) I managed to arrive at my destination.

I realized I am too used to Tokyo subway where they shout out the name of the next stop and the current stop to the extent where you can’t miss it even you are on your phone. Ok I need to be more careful, said someone who has lived in Manhattan for almost an year now.

On the way back home, I went to Boba Guys because I deserved it after all the struggles. Their tasty boba matcha latte made me focused on swallowing all the bobas (bobi?) so much but I didn’t miss my stop this time.

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