When You Are Sleepy | 眠いときには

English follows Japanese!








Just woke up from a three-hour nap from 6:30-9:30pm.

My eyes are so dried because my contacts were on…. but my brain is so clear now.

When you are sleepy, just give up everything and go to bed.

It’s ok if you’re wearing contacts or wearing a dress (maybe not suits as it’s troublesome when they get wrinkled), but just turn your smartphone silent and go to sleep.

I know, I have so much to do too. It sounds like stupid advice. But see, my mind is so clear now and I can work much more productively and happily.

The point is to sleep without an alarm since your body knows when to wake up – try it when you don’t have anything planned afterwards. Don’t rely on the 15-min or 30-min nap myth because I’m sure you can wake up more naturally without a time limit!

(Don’t blame on me though, if you miss your important appointments…)

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