Life with Pi(es) | 道すがらにパイやさん

English follows Japanese!






や ば い ♡


& アイスティーorレモネード



お店情報:Martha’s Country Bakery

Baby Sumire once dreamt of having a small slice of cherry pie that she had seen in a picture book; a whole cheery pie on a nice pie plate, on a table covered with a red checkered table-cloth next to a fireplace, cut and served by my friend’s sweet mom –– living in Japan, she thought it only existed in a dream world.

However, grown-up Sumire found an amazing pie shop in Brooklyn on her way home today. The shop was full of beautiful pies and cakes, and her face literally became like an heart-eyed emoji.

As advertised on their signboard, their lunch special was only $4.95 (+tax) for a choice of cheese pie or spinach pie and lemonade or iced tea. It was delicious.

This is definitely going to be my go-to cafe (they also had wifi) and I am excited to try other pies in the future :p

Shop info: Martha’s Country Bakery

Pies, pies, whole cakes, and pies

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