Buying a Flight Ticket |飛行機のチケット

English Follows Japanese!





Whenever I buy flight tickets, I triple quadruple quintuple check if the itinerary is correct. It’s not that I have made a mistake in buying a ticket in the past, but it’s just my natural habit. I started reserving flight tickets for myself when I was in middle school as I had to fly to Tokyo from my hometown for violin lessons; at that time, buying the tickets was such a huge deal to me (it still is when I book international flights).

Even though I was always aiming for the cheapest flights more than a month before my lesson, I was so scared of losing any money on my reservation every time. At the same time, though, I was enjoying having responsibility on arranging my travels.

But that is why there is still a certain feel of achievement when I finally click a “BUY TICKETS” button and get an email confirmation in my inbox. Determining something that cannot be undone (unless you can afford flight changes) makes me so pleasant, especially in this world where you can edit many things after they are released into the world (what I do all the time is add more hashtags on my instagram posts after posting).

Now, I have my flight tickets from New York to Japan. I just need to figure out what kind of fun I will have in my home country and just enjoy imagining my life back in Japan eating a lot of sushi….. ❤


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