Just in: Harvard President Faust Stepping Down in 2018 | 今日のニュース:ハーバードのファウスト学長が退任

“I write today to let you know that at the end of the coming academic year, I will conclude my service as president.”


I received an email from Drew Faust, the president of Harvard, saying she is stepping down from her position that she has served for 11 years, on June 30th, 2018.


In an email with the subject “Future Plans,” she wrote around four short paragraphs noting how she is “deeply grateful to every member of this community for the honor of being your president and for the support and, indeed, joy you have given me.”

“Future Plans”との件名がつけられた、学長本人からの4段落ほどのメール。簡潔かつパワフルに彼女の気持ちが記されていました。

I thought it is very Faust-like way to end her position that even though she wrote:


It has been a privilege beyond words to work with all of you to lead Harvard, in the words of her alma mater, “through change and through storm.” We have shared ample portions of both over the last decade and have confronted them together in ways that have made the university stronger—more integrated both intellectually and administratively, more effectively governed, more open and diverse, more in the world and across the world, more innovative and experimental.


but she continues to list what the school could do:


There is much work to be done: combatting the ongoing threat to federal funding for research; completing the capital campaign and ensuring its support for our most important priorities; attracting and sustaining the most talented faculty, students, and staff; advancing the work of inclusion and belonging that enables every member of our community to thrive; helping to realize the dreams of the many remarkable individuals who together are Harvard.


She never gets satisfied with current situations and pushes her colleagues and community to make the school better and better, which is what I like about her.


There are lot of president changes around me – Juilliard president and Harvard president at the same time. I am looking forward to changes to come and I am excited to hear the announcement of a new president sometime soon in the future.


More details could be read here on Harvard Gazette.

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