One more day till SIJ | あと1日!

English follows Japanese!






(8月7日のSummer in JAPANコンサート、8月11日のアンソニア・カルテット東京公演のお申し込みはお早めに!)

Only one more day until the Opening Ceremony of Summer in JAPAN 2017 in Okayama!

All the student instructors from the U.S. have arrived in Okayama, and were preparing curriculum and introduction slides yesterday (and of course, we ate some conveyer belt sushi already).

We visited our longtime sponsor Sanwa Supply and handed this year’s SIJ T-shirt, which is CRIMSON RED. (Refer to Jeff’s Harvard Wrestling T-shirt, second from the right – they are exactly the same color…)

I’m nervous and excited at the same time for the first time holding SIJ in another city.

Hope to see a lot of passionate students here tomorrow! 😀

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