SIJ Okayama Final Presentation! | SIJ岡山ファイナルプレゼンテーション、大成功!

English follows Japanese!

昨日はついに、Summer in JAPAN 岡山のファイナルプレゼンテーションでした!



私のチーム、桃太郎の英語劇はみんな自分たちでつくった脚本をちゃんと暗記して、声もはって、素晴らしい演技をみせてくれました!I’m so proud of you all!



We had the Final Presentation and the Closing Ceremony of Summer in JAPAN Okayama!

It’s one of the most important parts of SIJ because all the students get on stage and present what they learned during the four days of English seminar.

My team from Musical Performance class presented Momotaro (Okayama’s local but famous-around-Japan fairytale) in English, making scripts by themselves. I was really proud of my students – it was a great success!

Other teams were all so great too – some people made their own games by programming, others presented Japanese culture in Japanese clothes called yukata, etc…  They were all super creative and entertained the audience a lot!

I’m thankful to all the supporters in Okayama who made this first SIJ Okayama possible.



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