Concert Today! | 本日7日は大分コンサート!

English follows Japanese!


「Summer in JAPAN Classical Concert – 廣津留すみれとハーバードの仲間たち – 」



昨日はSummer in JAPANの生徒の皆さんに向けて、ワークショップも行いました。




We are performing in Oita today!

August 7th at 7:30pm- @iichiko Otono-Izumi Hall in Oita, Japan

The Ansonia Quartet arrived in Oita two days ago and we have been rehearsing a lot all day!

It’s so great to see my quartet-mates in my hometown, and I cannot believe that Oita is the first hometown of our members that we visit as a group (it’s definitely the farthest hometown from NY compared to towns in Canada and the U.S.).

I was worried about the big typhoon that was coming to Oita but it seems like it went through last night.

Anyway, I am so excited to share a stage with my quartet, my piano accompanist (who knows me too well since elementary school) and SIJ instructors Woody, Ellen, and Eric!

If you are in Oita, hope to see you tonight!

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