Happy Hour | NYの食事情・ハッピーアワー

English follows Japanese!

NYには、客が集まりづらい平日夕方の早い時間帯 (17-19時頃) に、お酒や食べ物を割引価格で提供する「ハッピーアワー」を設けているバーやレストランがたくさんあります。お金のない私たち学生は、授業のすき間時間にハッピーアワーを狙って美味しいごはんを食べに行くことも少なくありません。レストラン側にとっても、客単価も回転率も良いこの時間帯は逃すことのできないビジネスチャンスなのです。


昨夜は自分のカルテットの仲間たちと、学校から徒歩圏内のオイスターバー “The Mermaid Inn” のハッピーアワーに行ってきました。絶好の散歩日和だった天気のせいもあり、アッパーウエストサイドは外のテラスでご飯を楽しむ人が大勢いて、街の雰囲気が最高でした。






My string quartet had an exciting excursion to an oyster bar in Upper West Side last night. Because of the best weather in six months or so, the area was full of people enjoying drinks and food outside the restaurants and bars.

Oysters, clams, and calamari feat. our violist’s hand

The oyster bar was called The Mermaid Inn (87th / Amsterdam) where each of us had at least a dozen of $1 oysters + clams and calamari – and half-priced drinks. Coming from Japan, where the concept of happy hour is not well-known, I personally think happy hour is the best thing if you live in NYC, given the price of regular food – and that is why I explained the concept for Japanese readers above (so that someone can start happy hour business in Japan for me!).

I know that I’m probably trapped in the marketing strategy of happy hour (because I order more oysters and drinks than usual during happy hour, but that’s the point right?), but it is always wonderful to share the joy of food with friends with cheaper price.

On the way back to school, we found a Japanese dessert place called Beard Papa (between 76th and 77th / Broadway). Their cream puffs tasted exactly like the ones I have had in Japan, and reminded me of home. I highly recommend that you try there once. Happy cream puffing!