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『ハーバード・ジュリアードを卒業した私の「超・独学術」』(KADOKAWA) 発売!





Supercharged Self-Management: The dead simple five-minute method that launched me through Harvard and Juilliard – by Sumire Hirotsuru

Sumire’s first book on self-management has been published by the biggest Japanese publisher KADOKAWA in February 2019.

See Instagram page @fiveminutemethod for the English version!

“As we live in this 21st century society where a flood of information comes in just by scrolling your timelines, headlines, and stories, it is getting harder and harder to focus on one thing. I noticed even during my Juilliard time where my friends were struggling to leave their phones to practice. I released my first book in February from Japanese publisher Kadokawa, with my hope that readers can utilize their “five minutes” at the maximum level. My method is super simple: set a small goal and just focus on next 5 minutes to achieve it, without any distraction. Repeat it again and again. Accumulating those 5 minutes is more powerful than you think, and it brings you closer to your long-term goal!” >> Amazon link (Amazon Japan only)

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