ARTS FIRST Weekend Part 1 | ハーバードの音楽祭!

English follows Japanese!

1年生のときから4年間ずーっと演奏家兼スタッフ兼プロデューサーとして関わり続けたハーバードの音楽祭、Harvard ARTS FIRST Festivalが今年で25周年ということで、ガライベントに招待されたので、実技試験直前にも関わらずまたボストンに行ってまいりました。



何より大好きな後輩たちが運営も演奏もすごく頑張っていたこと、25年前にこの音楽祭を作りあげた大先輩で俳優のJohn Lithgowとお話できたこと、豪華な卒業生アーテイストたちが集結した記念ガラコンサートをその場で観ることができたこと。。自分が母校で始めた芸術祭が25年も続いていて、そのステージで功績を表彰されるってどんな気持ちがするんだろう。とじーんときました。



Harvard ARTS FIRST Festival |hɑːrvərd ärt fərst ˈfestəvəl| proper noun.
The weekend when you see student artists running out-of-a-breath from a venue to another. The weekend you get to see so many talented students performing different art forms. The weekend you appreciate the power of the arts more.

The festival marked the 25th anniversary this year. As an alumnus who served as the student producer/performer/staff at the festival four years in a row, I had no choice but to visit.

Long story short, I was so impressed by all the students who organized/performed at/ran the festival that I lost my words. Especially after seeing John Lithgow receiving his Arts Medal and the certificate letter of “John Lithgow Day” from the mayor of Boston, for creating a special event that shares the power of the arts to the community, I was so moved that I secretly cried at several occasions during the festival to see younger-generation taking over the festival. It is hard to imagine how it feels to create something and to witness it continuing actively for 25 years – it’s incredible.

Visiting the festival and seeing students’ performances meant so, so much to me, and I still cannot process what I absorbed from this weekend into words – but I will write about my experience this weekend soon, once I finish my end-of-the-year jury tomorrow (fingers crossed)…..!!!