AIDS Walk New York

English follows Japanese!


エイズの注意喚起とファンドレイズをするためのウォーキング、AIDS Walk New York があるということで、応援に行ってきました!








The annual AIDS Walk New York was held today from Central Park.

It has been going on for about 30 years in New York, having “inspired nearly 890,000 people to walk and millions more to donate, raising nearly $150 million to combat HIV and AIDS.” (Official Website)

As they passed the riverside park, I went there to support the participants and see a taiko drum performance on the sidewalk.

The participants were wearing red AIDS Walk T shirts, corporate uniforms, cultural costumes and so on, looking very happy dancing and walking under the great weather.

When one participant girl came up to the taiko drum performance and started solo dancing, everyone started cheering and smiling, and it was very heartwarming moment of the morning.

They let me try the biggest drum too – it was really fun, but also very difficult to get the heavy sticks hit the drum with perfectly on the beat. I need to learn more about taiko performance.

It was such a great beginning of the happy Sunday, hanging out with my good friend at school and her brother 🙂