Guys, Boba Guys! | サンフランシスコ発のタピオカやさん

English follows Japanese!


その名も、Boba Guys.


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  1. ミルクの種類が無料で選べること!オーガニックの牛乳か、高品質なアーモンドミルクか豆乳か、自由に選べるの、これめっちゃポイント高いです。
  2.  お茶が本物の葉っぱから抽出されてること!紅茶の粉を溶かしただけでごまかすお店も多いですが、ここはちゃんとしたお茶の味がします。
  3.  抹茶のクオリティ!アメリカで「グリーンティー味」を頼むと、あっまい緑茶キットカットみたいな味の液体が出てくることが多いですが、ここの抹茶は抹茶の味がします。



Let me introduce you my new favorite boba place.

It’s called Boba Guys! No, it’s not called Boba. It’s called Boba Guys, guys!

My friends took me there the other day (thank you), and I didn’t have that high expectation because inside me was like “well, boba wouldn’t be that different no matter where you go.”

Basically, I was wrong.
Firstly, the interior of the store looked really neat. My image of boba store has a narrow aisle where two people can barely fit, and cash only, with not-super-clean look (which I am totally fine with, it feels like home). Although, this place was more like a newly opened cold-pressed juice store in SF. They take cards. They use Square.

And the best part is the actual tea. My favorite part of their tea is:

  1. I can choose any kind of milk for FREE. Organic milk, almond milk, and soy milk. You don’t need to pay .50 for that.
  2. They use actual tea leaves. Not powder tea.
  3. Their matcha is real. Like real matcha. (Trust me, I’m Japanese.)

Their story is also interesting; about breaking cultural barrier, making boba more accessible, and being open about political talks like Taiwan-China relationships.

If you visit SF or NYC, please try their drinks 🙂

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