A Weekend Full of Music | 音楽漬けの3連休

English follows Japanese!

この週末は月曜日がMemorial Day(戦没将兵追悼記念日)だったので3連休でした!私は土日どちらもマンハッタンで演奏があり、充実した連休となりました♩






This Memorial Day weekend brought me a lot of music making!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had two performances with Joseph Ehrenpreis, an 8-string guitar (which has a cool end pin like cellos) (a.k.a. Brahms guitar since it was originally invented to play a piece of Brahms) player. (Also FYI he is one of like three people who play the instrument, which is crazyyy.) To be completely honest – it was the first time we met in person (!) because he does not live in NYC, so we rehearsed on the day of the performances and went on stage.

We need to come up with a duo name soon…

The performances went surprisingly well, playing Piazzolla, Bach (French Suite No.5), and newly commissioned pieces. The both venues were very intimate; the stage was very close to the audience, which I did not have a lot of experiences with. After all, however, I loved the distance to the audience as we were able to hear their comments and compliments (always motivate me 🙂 ) directly from them.

It was a lot of music-making and also friend-making weekend at these venues through performances. We are hoping to put together more shows and to work on more new pieces in the fall!

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