Day 2 with the Silk Road Ensemble | ハーバードでの演奏

English follows Japanese!







I came back from Boston yesterday – as soon as I came back home around 4pm, I passed away on the bed until 10pm without even waking up once.

On Friday, I performed with the Silk Road Ensemble again at Harvard Art Museums, where I had previously performed a movement of Bach Partita at the Opening Ceremony back in 2014. It was so great to be back at the venue to play again, and it reminded me of the time when I was on the same stage in my junior year.

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Justice Breyer and Justice Gorsuch

The event was for Harvard Marshall Forum, consisted of Her Majesty’s Ambassador’s speech, conversations with Justice Breyer and Justice Gorsuch (link to NYT article on the discussion), and other speeches. Plus, during our performance, our ensemble member/new Marshall Scholar Reylon Yount ’16 was introduced to the fellow Scholars (we were so proud of him!).

Having spent two whole days with the ensemble members, I was reminded that the most important thing when you perform is to enjoy the music. As a Juilliard student, I sometimes feel that things get very intense and tend to focus on detailed things like the quality of sound and technique, but if you look up from your sheet music and look outside the practice rooms, there is a broader world that needs your music. And before anything, to share the music with the world, you need to have fun playing with fellow musicians; as long as you are having fun, the audience can tell how much you would like to share the music with them.

In fact, many people who came up to me after the performance said “looked like you were having fun up there!” so I said “YES I WAS.”

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