My Recent Youtube History | 最近のYoutubeの履歴さかのぼってみました


Hello everyone! The temperature in NY went up to 100F today. Yes, crazy hot. And my room, which doesn’t have an AC, is like a sauna! Woohoo. I cleaned up my room because I didn’t want my trash to be in my room in this crazy summer weather, but then I got so sweaty that I am eating some ice cream now.


So today I would like to post what I’ve been watching on Youtube these days! Classical to Sesame Street! Let’s go!


  1. Beauty and the Beast / Lindsey Stirling
    バイオリンカバーで有名なLindsey Stirling の美女と野獣カバー。なかなかの動画クオリティー | Super cheesy but the quality is pretty good, I’m impressed how much effort she puts into her music videos

2. Sesame Street: Mannequin Challenge
セサミストリートのマネキンチャレンジ!さすがプロのプロダクションなだけあって芸が細かい。ちなみになんでこの動画を観るに至ったのかは不明です。I have no idea how I ended up here but it’s cute and detailed.

3. Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (cover by J. Fla)
おなじみのエド・シーランのShape of youのカバー。この韓国人歌手のJ.Fla、YouTubeにミュージックビデオを出し続けていたら人気がですぎてレーベルと契約しちゃった、というつわものです I love this song sung by a female Korean singer as it has a very different style from the original – J.Fla has a unique smooth voice.

4. “Being Pat”| Patricia Kopatchinskaja, violinist
パトリシア・コパチンスカヤというバイオリニストの面白いショートムービー。アーティストとしての人生について弾く、語る、弾く。個人的に注目なバイオリニストです。This unique Mordovian-Austrian violinist made a very short documentary video, questioning to be called as an “artist” – definitely an interesting musician to watch.

5. 椎名林檎 カプチーノ(Ringo Shiina | Cappuccino )
椎名林檎の曲の中でも可愛い系なカプチーノ。元のともさかりえバージョンも、おすすめ!One of my favorite J-pop singer Ringo Shiina’s wrote a cute song for another singer Rie Tomosaka in 1999, and then she self-covered in 2014. Have a listen!


以上、Youtube特集でした!また気が向いたらやりますー!That’s all for today! Enjoy!

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