KP’s Witness the Tour! | ケイティ・ペリーライブ参戦!

English follows Japanese!

ニュージャージーでおこなわれたケイティ・ペリーのライブ、Witness the Tour に参戦してきました!






キーボードのTyと開演前に!With Ty the superstar




Feels like I was in a completely different world last night. Katy Perry’s Witness the Tour was beyond description…!

I went to see my dear friend Ty Bailie, who rocks on keyboard with Katy for a couple of years now. Even though we have played together in a band several times, it was a different experience to see him on stage with the spectacular sets and Katy’s powerful voice, and in his nice pink costume.


Never been to a pop concert of this scale in the U.S., I was literally blown away by the quality and the size of the production on stage. HUGE set changes that happen after almost every song were mind blowing, the energy Katy had throughout the two-hour show was unimaginable, vibration that I felt through the arena of Prudential Center was so heavy (especially because I was at the front of house…!), and the number of staff and the amount of props I saw backstage were just enormous.

My favorite moments were when Katy and female dances in super pop looking costume got on a big bright yellow brick, fastened seat belts, and raised up in the air while they were still dancing and singing –it looked funny and amazing at the same time– and when a big black-and-white bee?! (or some kind of insect with needles) came on stage and danced with Katy.

On the way home, I was thinking how classical music could accommodate even 1% of the production idea – classical music traditionally has been performed in intimate places like salons or churches, or sophisticated concert halls, but I am positive that there are some ways where we could borrow an idea of pop world to have more vibrant music scene even in classical music world.

Imagine a violinist performing on a planet in the air…

I guess it’s time to brainstorm!

If you are interested, please go to one of their shows! They are performing again in Brooklyn on the 11th, and going around the U.S. for a looong time so make sure to check the dates HERE on their website. I guarantee that you’ll have a blast!!!!!!

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