End-of-the-year Performance Schedule at Juilliard | 4-5月の演奏予定!

English follows Japanese:

こんにちは!春の兆しが見え始めたブルックリンのNational Sawdustというコンサート会場のバルコニーで書いています。今日はここでジュリアード作曲科の生徒が書いたオペラを初演しました!

ここ最近はジュリアードにて、あまり上演されることのないバロックオペラ “Hippolyte et Aricie”のため、バロックバイオリンのリハーサルと公演続きでした。見た目は似たように見えて全く異なるバロックバイオリン、昨年9月から習い始めたのですが、今回のオペラで弾き方はだいぶ慣れてきたのでとても嬉しいです。私にとって一番の難関は、古楽は譜面に書いてある音よりも半音低い音で演奏されること・・・。絶対音感に頼ってきた私にとって、これはかなりのハードルで、毎日譜面と戦いつづけました。NYタイムズの批評も良く、とても良い経験になりました。


Spring is almost here in New York, and graduation is coming soon as well – I’m not at all ready for the graduation jury, but honestly I am so excited to be done with school!

I finished playing in a baroque opera Hippolyte et Aricie yesterday – it was my first baroque opera experience and I learned so much from it! You can read the New York Times review here, but all the Juilliard singers/dancers/musicians were absolutely amazing.

I’m in the middle of end-of-the-year mess right now, but thought I would share my performance schedule with you all in case anyone is interested in coming to see me perform for the last time as a Juilliard student!

April 27th, 6pm
Honors Chamber Music Program Concert (Ansonia Quartet)
Willson Theater, New York, NY
Program: Nathan Prillaman / Traces

April 29th, 5pm
Ansonia Quartet Recital
Morse Hall, New York, NY
Program: Beethoven / String Quartet No. 9 in C major, Op. 59, No. 3
Schumann / Piano Quintet in E flat major, Op. 44

(April 30th, Graduation jury; Wish me luck everyone…! | 恐怖の卒業試験の日!)

(May 7th, Finals week starts… | 最後の期末試験期間!)

May 11th, 6pm
Evan Saddler Graduation Recital
Willson Theater, New York, NY
(Joining Evan Saddler, who performed in my recital, for his graduation recital!)

Sometime in May
Exciting Performance To Be Announced

New York, NY

May 13th, 5pm
Ansonia Quartet Recital
Well Roerich Museum, New York, NY*

May 18th, Time TBD
Juilliard String Quartet Seminar Final Concert
Paul Hall, New York, NY

(*All the performances will be taken place at The Juilliard School except for May 13th performance)

Hope to see you in the audience 🙂 Ciao! ではまた更新します!

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