Spare mint vs. winter mint | 今日もかむ。明日もかむ。

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When I bought gum at a supermarket today, I realized I chew gum more often in New York than I did in Boston.

Maybe it’s because I eat out more often, maybe because I no longer eat dinner at my dorm where my toothbrush is located, maybe because I travel more often and I need more refreshments – who knows.

But every time I run out of gum, I go to a shop and have to choose a flavor of Orbit gum between Spearmint and Wintermint. I am always curious what the difference is, and I usually choose the different one from what I previously have.

I would love to write comparison between two mints here, but unfortunately, whenever I buy gum is when I run out of gum, so I never have both flavors at the same time, and thus I cannot compare.

If any, I personally like wintermint better because a) it has a clear silver blue on the package (completely biased because skyblue is my favorite color next to pink), and b) it has less toothpaste flavor.

After all, this is completely useless review of Orbit gum – but if you get a chance, please compare those two and let me know which one you like.

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