4D Roller Coaster! | 4Dジェットコースター!

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Samsung 837: 

837 Washington St, New York, NY 10014

Have you watched 3D movie before? How about VR?

How about… 4D Roller Coaster!?

Today I visited Samsung 837, where you can try a lot of the latest Samsung products. It was like a amusement park of the 21st century – the first thing I tried was 4D roller coaster (collaborated with Six Flags). I wasn’t sure how I could experience roller coaster just on a chair with oculus glasses, but I was becoming more and more excited and worried about the experience as I watched people before my group screaming and enjoying the experience.

My turn finally came and I wore the glasses – the VR screen guided me to a roller coaster, we all got on the roller coaster, and the exciting moment started.

I screamed so much over the course of the ride.

Even though I personally get easily scared by roller coaster, the experience was definitely more enjoyable than I expected. The spin was so real, the speed of the ride was so fast (I have no idea how I felt the speed just by wearing the glasses and sitting on the moving chair), and the scary moment of going down the steeeep hill definitely existed.

Zombie shooting game booth

There were other VR devices and screens that you could play with, but roller coaster was the best one in the building. If you have a chance, visit Samsung 837 and feel the new experience! 🙂

Samsung 837: 

837 Washington St, New York, NY 10014



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