Happy Pride March! | NYのLGBTプライドマーチ

English follows Japanese!

今週はLGBTプライドウィーク!ニューヨークでは、街をあげて大きなプライドマーチ(NYC Pride March)が行われました。


60年代後半からあったこのムーブメント、特にここ10年ほどで同性婚の合法化などで特に顕著になっていますが、今日はそのLGBT Pride Weekを祝うマーチが行われ、ニューヨークの街全体がお祭りモードでした!このPrideを象徴する虹色のマークがあちこちに掲げられ、レインボーの服を着たり旗を持ったり、エンパイアーステートビルは虹色にライトアップされ、Googleのヘッドクオーターのロゴも、サポートを示すためレインボーカラーになっていました。

Photo credit: timeout.com エンパイアーステートビルもレインボー
Googleのロゴも虹色に!Google logo turns rainbow



linecamera_shareimage 2



All of NYC got united today to celebrate pride week this year – the NYC Pride March was held in the center of the city. So many people were walking in rainbow-colored dresses, holding rainbow flags and boards, Google HQ’s logo was turned rainbow (see the picture above) for the pride week.

I personally did not know even know about the concept of LGBT before coming to the U.S. for college – it was not a common knowledge at all in Japan at that time (I am not sure if it is even now), and I learned it during my freshman orientation week at Harvard. I saw some of my guy friends making out at a party in the first week living in the U.S., and I was honestly very surprised but also realized that it is another cultural concept that I did not know.

Now that I have spent five years in the U.S., I have lesbian friends I admire, I have gay friends who I can talk about/ask advice for any personal worries, and I respect those who support LGBT movement. As I myself felt very shocked at the first time I learned the concept, I understand that it takes for a while to spread to the whole world. However, that’s the point – to let more people expose to the concept that is new for them. Since there are many more regions where the concept is not accepted, I hope these celebrations and events will bring up the conversations about it in many places in the world and I hope more people will feel comfortable about coming out/talk openly about LGBT.

NYC Pride March was such a great celebration that brought the city unite and it made me realize how much people care about each other. 🙂


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