Long time no Indie | ひさびさの学校。

English follows Japanese!






I came to school to pick up some documents today, for the first time since the last day of school. Well, I wasn’t imagining there will be a lot of people at school, but it was soooo quiet and I almost felt like I was walking in an empty building (it was almost like VR zombie shooting game that I did at Samsung showcase because I couldn’t tell if there were people haha…).

The only sound I heard was the talking voice of friendly securities at the entrance (there were three of them, even though nobody was coming in), and the only students I saw were two girls coming from the drama theater.

It is hard to imagine there were so many things going on last year in this small building of Juilliard, and how different my lifestyle changed.

Because I came to school, of course I am writing this blog at Indie Cafe across the street from school eating a cinnamon-raisin pretzel just like I did all the time during the school last year. Nothing has been changed here, except for beautiful roses on each table and I am loving them ❤ I’ll be back in two months!

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