Three (sweet) things that I need to survive NYC summer | NYの夏を生き延びるために必要な3つのアイス


I’m introducing you three things that have helped me survive this super hot weather. I promise that my advice will save you especially if you live in or visiting NYC this summer.

  1. Shaved Cream from Snowdays | Snowdaysのかき氷アイス
linecamera_shareimage 2

まず、アイスを食べないと始まらない夏!ということでここの氷アイスがとってもおすすめです。アイスとかき氷の中間であるこの”Shaved cream” 、かき氷と何が違うかというと、氷ほどかしゃかしゃせず、アイスほどとろけない、ふしぎな食感がくせになるのです・・・♡


Between ice cream and shaved ice, there is a fantastic dessert called “Shaved Cream” –– it is not as hard as shaved ice but not as melty and soft as ice cream. This attractive texture and the variety of flavor and toppings that they have are enough reasons to visit there. And I would add extra credit on the naming of the sizes: Regular, Large, and Yeti.

スクリーンショット 2017-06-28 17.54.33
Menu from their website (
linecamera_shareimage 3
左から (from left) Regular, Large, Yetiサイズ

2.  “Summer of Love” ice cream from Ample Hills Creamery | Ample Hills Creameryのアイス


いや、そうはいっても夏はアイスに勝るものはないでしょ。といわせるこのAmple Hills Creameryのアイスやさん、最高です。特にSummer of Loveという味、このカラフルな見た目に負けず劣らず濃くも甘すぎないクリームがたまりません♡ニューヨークだけでも6軒ありますが、チェルシーマーケットのそばが行きやすいです。

When you visit Chelsea Market or Highline area – you’ll see many people walking with colorful ice cream in their hands. Probably they are from Ample Hills Creamery; especially I recommend this Summer of Love flavor, which is surprisingly not too sweet at all. This Instagrammable appearance and delicious cream are all you want for the summer walk.


3. Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream from Ben & Jerry’s | ベン&ジェリーズのアメリコーンドリームアイス

Perfect for lazy Sunday


If you are too lazy to go to those places, just stop by the nearest Duanereade and get this one. Trust me, you won’t regret to have the mix of Vanilla Ice + Fudge-covered waffle cone + Caramel swirl at home watching Netflix on sunny weekends.

Hope you’ll enjoy the sweet summer in NYC ❤

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