My First Independence Day | はじめての独立記念日。

English follows Japanese!





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Even though I have been living for five years, this year’s July 4th was my first time being in the U.S.!

I went to the Blue Note Jazz Festival on the Southport in the evening – and saw old ladies dancing to their tunes and doing high five even though they don’t know each other, saw a dog wearing American flag costume, and saw mid-aged men drinking beer very happily, and just the atmosphere made me smile.

The fireworks was a little bit of a struggle – the place I was at when the fireworks was too south, so I walked super fast to go north to catch up the last 10mins of the fireworks. The finale of the fireworks was amazing to be surrounded by so many people screaming and cheering to celebrate the day.

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Happy drinking!

Even though I sometimes get tired of the busyness in NYC, it was such a heartwarming and happy day, and I was actually very grateful that I got to spend the day in the city!

Hope you had a great July 4th! 😀

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