Self-Pour Beer Machine! | タッチスクリーン付きビールサーバー!

English follows Japanese!







  1. カウンターでチャージ式のカードを購入、10ドルから購入可。
  2. カップをもらう。
  3. サーバーで好きなビールの銘柄をえらび(タッチスクリーンで解説がよめます)、カードをタッチスクリーンに置く。
  4. ビールのレバーをひいて注ぐにつれて、スクリーン上に表示された残金が自然にどんどん減っていきます。
  5. 止めたいところでとめて、残金がある限りいつでも注ぎにいける!




This self-pour beer machine is amazing.

Independence Day, South Port – I was wandering around and saw this big movable beer server. It looked amazingly fun and of course I tried it.

It’s also very simple!  you just need to:

  1. Buy a card and charge whatever amount you would like to put (min $10)
  2. Get a cup from the counter
  3. Choose your favorite beer from 20 (!) different kinds and put your card on the screen
  4. Start pouring, and you can see the remaining $ amount on the screen
  5. You can stop/resume whenever you want, and the machine will calculate how much money is left on your card!

You can also see me pouring beer (, being a bit confused) in the video above. This was just an amazing new toy for beer lovers, and I was simply happy to be able to drink outside (like we normally do in Japan) 🙂

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