Miss Saigon on Broadway! | ブロードウェイのミス・サイゴン!

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I finally went to see Miss Saigon on Broadway! It’s been going on since May and I have always wanted to see it.

The story is very sad – during the Vietnam War, one 17-year old girl named Kim falls in love with one American warrior, Chris. After the war, however, he has to leave without Kim. Kim waits for three years believing Chris will come back, and finally they see each other in Thailand – but Kim finds out that Chris has a new wife. Kim brings her son to him telling Chris that it’s his son and that he and his wife should take care of him, and she shoots herself to die.

The production was amazing, but what was more amazing was my friend Minami Yusui’s performance. She is in the original cast of the production, and I was really inspired by her presence as a woman, as a performer, and as a person from Japan active in the U.S.. Seeing someone from Japan who is successfully pursuing their dream always makes me want to work harder.

img_6106It was exciting to see the orchestra pit, costume rooms, make-up rooms and the big stage from the back. Thank you Minami-san, and congratulations for your great performance! 😀


If you are in NYC and haven’t seen the show, you should go see it!

– – –
Miss Saigon on Broadway:
Broadway Theatre | 1681 BROADWAY
Until January!

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