Color-coded Restaurant Row in NYC | ニューヨークのレストラン通り

English follows Japanese!

先週また私の大好きな日本食レストラン Sake Bar Hagi(萩)に行ってきました!







I went to Sake Bar Hagi again last week because their fatty fish is amazing.

“But I’m in New York, shouldn’t I be exploring more different restaurants…?”

I wondered on the way home. And at the perfect timing, I ran into this poll that has all the names of restaurants of 46th street between 8th and 9th Ave.  

Apparently the street is called “Restaurant Row! What’s more, it’s color coded – yellow is American, green is Japanese, blue is Italian, etc.

This is fantastic! I hope to explore more restaurants in the fall, and try to conquer at least a quarter of these restaurants by the time I graduate!

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