Countdown to the start of SIJ! | SIJスタートまであと・・・

English follows Japanese!


毎年恒例、ハーバード生を迎える夏の英語集中セミナーSummer in JAPANも今年で5周年。今年はいつもの大分に加えて岡山での1週間が加わります。




(8月7日のSummer in JAPANコンサート、8月11日のアンソニア・カルテット東京公演、まだ残席あります。お申し込みはお早めに!)

Just arrived in Okayama City last night after a super hectic week in Tokyo!

Summer in JAPAN (SIJ), a two-week education program I started during my freshman year in my hometown Oita, marks its fifth year this summer (still can’t believe this). We are adding another week of teaching in a city called Okayama as our new initiative, which will have 75 local students.

Preparing for SIJ in two cities and for my quartet’s Japan tour in August at the same time makes my life 100x more hectic, but this busy-ness somehow makes me feel the summer vibe (I guess because my summer has always been like this), and I like it this way.

Three student instructors from the U.S. (from Harvard, Stanford, and UT) came in last night and more to come today – I am super excited for the start of the program!

The program officially starts on the 26th, but I’ll try to start posting our updates on Twitter and here on blog 🙂 I hope I can show you a lot of our activities!

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