SIJ Oita Opening Ceremony! | 今日はSIJ大分の開会式!

It hasn’t been long since we finished the Final Presentation of SIJ Okayama, but today is the Opening Ceremony of SIJ Oita!

We are fully prepared to start 7 days of English workshops to students aged from 6-18 from 10 countries, and excited to meet all the kids today! (And we, Team USA, are excited to do some *creative* self-introduction on stage today!)


8/1 14:30 OBSラジオ BINGO
8/2 19:30 FM大分 ハイカラ食堂
8/6 17:30 OBSラジオ 週間ラジオマガジン いつもsomething new ! classic

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